The Counseling & Family Development Center (CFDC) is one of the area’s premier providers of counseling and mental health services. The clinical team is committed to achieving the center’s mission: To enrich lives by helping individuals and families overcome challenges and realize possibilities. Our counselors can assist you with challenges surrounding depression, anxiety, grief & relational difficulties in addition to family violence, sexual assault and child abuse.

We understand that there may come a time in anyone’s life when circumstances present challenges that seem overwhelming or beyond one’s ability to manage alone. Life events, related decisions and their impact may lead to a place where we need the safety of a trusting relationship with a counselor. At the CFDC, we strive to respect individuals as the author of their own lives. We work with our clients to meet their goals and actualize their full potential.

Child Services
Play is not only how children communicate, it is how they solve problems. Often children come to counseling because they have used up their own problem-solving tools. Play Therapy builds on the natural way that children communicate and interact with others and the world around them. Through play therapy children learn to express feelings, modify behavior, develop more effective problem-solving skills and learn new ways of relating. The effectiveness of play therapy has been shown for children whose problems are related to usual life stressors such as divorce, grief, peer relationships, as well as the impact of trauma and abuse. Through play therapy, problems can be safely confronted and lasting resolutions can be discovered, rehearsed, mastered and become lifelong strategies.

Survivor Services
As a program of The Wellspring, the CFDC is dedicated to addressing the emotional needs of those experiencing or impacted by family violence, dating violence and stalking. Counselors support survivors on their journey towards healing, understanding and empowerment.

As the accredited Sexual Assault Center for this region, the CFDC is dedicated to meeting the needs of victims of sexual assault. Services are provided in a non-judgmental environment fostering trust and safety where victims are supported on their path toward emotional healing and trauma resolution.

Staff trained in crisis intervention specifically around domestic violence and sexual assault answer our phone lines 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Callers are afforded the opportunity to speak openly about their experiences, receive assistance in meeting immediate needs and explore safety planning.

For more information, call (318) 323-1505 or visit 1904 Royal Avenue, Monroe, LA.