The Youth Empowerment Program Scholarship is a one-time scholarship of $1,000 which is to be applied to post-secondary educational expenses upon successful completion of all high school requirements (Ex: tuition, books, etc.).

1) Cumulative 2.50 GPA
2) Must be a current or previous YEP or BBBS of NELA participant
(Includes summer workshops, Chase Leadership Academy, Civic Engagement Institute)
3) Applicant must be attending college or a technical school in the fall.

1) Complete the attached Student Information form.
2) At least one letter of recommendation from a non-relative
3) Transcript-unofficial from your school counselor or website (screenshots ARE allowed-all GPAs will be verified)
4) Statement of personal and educational goals and how participation in any YEP or BBBS program has helped prepare you to successfully achieve these goals. (Please type on a separate page.)

Applications must be submitted by Tuesday, April 30.

2019 YEP Scholarship Application