Support for the Homeless

Providing assistance for housing has been a service provided by Wellspring since its beginning in 1931. Today, The Wellspring provides more assistance for housing the homeless in Northeast Louisiana than any other provider. We serve homeless individuals, families with dependent children, victims of domestic violence who are now facing a homeless situation, homeless veterans and the chronically homeless with a disability.

The Home Coalition
The Wellspring is a proud member and lead agency of the Northeast Louisiana Housing and Supportive Services Corp. (known locally as the HOME Coalition of Northeast La.) The group is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation that is a coalition of nonprofits, government agencies, faith-based groups, businesses, individuals, and others concerned with homelessness in NELA. Group members, from the 12 parishes of NELA, coordinate our area’s response to homelessness by providing a system of housing and services for those who are or are at risk of becoming homeless. The group also represents our area’s needs on a statewide and national basis, bringing attention and funding toward our ultimate goal: a NELA free of homelessness where all people feel safe and valued. To learn more about the Home Coalition, click here.


Brochures, Posters, Presentations
The Wellspring offers brochures, posters and presentations to schools, organizations, businesses and others who want to know more about homelessness in NELA and what you can do to help. Call (318) 807-6200 or email for more information.

What can YOU do to help?
Become a member of the Home Coalition

For more information on homelessness, click here.