Transitional Advocate (weekends)

Job Purpose: Provides safe transitional housing services reflective of The Wellspring’s mission that are designed to strengthen the well-being and development of families and individuals.


Experience & Knowledge:

  • Minimum of High School education
  • Two years experience working with people
  • Knowledge of household management skills

Skills and Abilities:

  • Must be sensitive to the needs of others
  • Maintains confidentiality
  • Has the ability to work with adult and child survivors in a manner that is non-victimizing
  • Empowers survivors of domestic violence to make choices
  • Communicates and interacts with other staff, survivors of domestic violence and volunteers from various backgrounds
  • Acts as an advocate for survivors of domestic violence at all times
  • Maintains poise in crisis situations
  • Promotes a spirit of cooperation and communal living
  • Has the ability to act spontaneously
  • Exhibits flexibility within the work environment
  • Possesses the ability to work as part of a team that empowers survivors of domestic violence
  • Accepts change
  • Maintains personal appearance consistent with agency standards
  • Exhibits effective verbal and written communication skills
  • Assumes responsibility for own learning

Job Related Training Courses/Programs:

  • Orientation
  • On-going staff in-service in related fields
  • Monthly Agency Staff meetings, program delivery meetings and program area meetings
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Initial and ongoing training in the areas of domestic violence and sexual assault

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Provides for survivor physical and emotional needs by
    • Establishing personal rapport with program participants, maintains security, conducts communal living and safety meetings, supervises transitional housing routines, etc.
    • Demonstrates concern for others by listening carefully and without judgement.
    • Promotes personal safety of the program participants by reviewing personal safety plans on a regular basis, securing the Keller House at the designated time, evaluating current safety measures and making suggestions for increasing safety precautions in and around the Keller House.
    • Provides crisis intervention for program participants
  2. Promotes a harmonious communal living arrangement by
    • Working with the program participants to maintain the Keller House,
    • Treating all participants as equals and interacting with participants in a way that is non-blaming,
    • Remaining on active duty, and conducting random checks in the Keller House throughout the night.
  3. Maintains the cleanliness of the Keller House by
    • Cleaning and disposing of trash in communal areas,
    • Assisting program participants with physical challenges to maintain their units.
  4. Assures quality services and program efficiency and effectiveness by:
    • Complying with appropriate program standards and guidelines
    • Following agency procedures
  5. Assumes responsibility for professional development by
    • Attending relevant workshops, seminars and agency staff meetings and trainings.
  6. Contributes to the team effort by
    • Communicating effectively with other staff persons,
    • Exhibiting a willingness to help other staff,
    • Demonstrating flexibility in work situations,
    • Engaging in friendly, supportive and cooperative contacts with others.
  7. Maintains safety of clients and staff at all times by:
    • Complying with agency procedures, rules and regulations
  8. Performs other duties as related to the position and as assigned
    • Work non-traditional hours and/or alternate schedule during special projects or to meet agency deadlines